StyleLab App

Roles: Designer, Art Director, and UI/UX.


Your on demand stylist and personal shopper.

Freelancing out of my closet (aka apartment), in Williamsburg, Brooklyn ... Founders of StyleLab, Ali and Brittney, based out of LA, came to me with a ton of passion and a huge idea that they wanted to come to life; to provide the non-celebrity access to a stylist at anytime, anywhere, and at the perfect price point.

Sketching, researching, hanging out on Google, and more sketching, we came up with a fully fleshed-out lo-fi storyboard for the app. As the sole UI/UX designer, I worked with Ali and Brittney to turn the lo-fi storyboard into a prototype, which turned into hi-fidelity prototypes, creating the UI library and defining the overall brand and aesthetic.


The StyleLab app is currently in development. To read more about StyleLab and what it is, check them out here.