Which lamp? (THAT is the question)

When I moved to Seattle, I had nothing but an iMac and clothes. I started completely fresh out west (and boy, it felt good!). Starting fresh means you have ZERO things. That was both liberating and exciting for me, and not because I was being a cool minimalist millennial, but because I had a completely fresh canvas to work with. I could literally do whatever I darn well pleased in my 650 sq. foot, 1920's apartment. What wasn't ringing loud and clear was $$.

I worked it out, and made sure to limit my "expensive taste" (thanks, Grandma!). This means I settled for a lamp that I kinda/sorta liked. Behold:

  A clean shot of it in my apartment.

A clean shot of it in my apartment.

The full brass legs and textured cream shade just doesn't feel right anymore. I've decided it's time to step-up my lamp game and take advantage of Wayfair's lighting sale. Options under consideration...

1. 61.25" | 2. Susan | 3. Karmella | 4. Hoskin | 5. Buckland | 6. Armaz Apollo

Stay tuned for the final product :).

x Alexandra