Back Again

Holy smokes. I've been absent for quite sometime (!!). Some folks say they've got a lot going on, and I'm sure they totally do... But I've got a ton of things going on, all. If you read my last post and have been following my Instagram, you'll notice a few new faces. Boyfriend (AG), and a pup named Penny. She's a lot of work, AG is not (phew!).

It's an interesting thing, moving in with someone else. Not just any roommate, but one that you share everything with. Your bed, your spoon... Your toothbrush too, dare I say? It's super fun though. This fun and all this sharing takes time. It takes effort (on top of having a new pup around who's basically a baby). Each night after work I either work out, cook, or get all mushy with AG. I've also been traveling a lot which is excellent.

This list, including work time, has left little time for myself. Which I was a bit worried about. Worried this may happen after AG moved in. I'm currently writing this post from a plane (three cheers for Alaska Airlines cheap in-flight wifi), on my way to SF. I've actually written three of my posts from a plane. What does this mean? I need to make my hobbies a priority. Working out is definitely for me and is a hobby (if you want to call it one), but now Andrew is running with me, I'm in two run clubs during the week that involve all talking and beers. Life is great, and now I'm just rambling on...

There are so many things I want to share on this blog, including travels, but feel free to scroll through my Instagram for that (for now). Today, I want to share this gorgeous BnB in Florence that I wish I woke up in every single morning. I found it while stalking Anne Sage's feed.

  All images via or @  valdirose

All images via or @valdirose

Alexandra x