Hand-lady Shelves

I've always been a pretty handy lady, thanks to my dad and Girl Scouts... Believe it or not, I was a major tomboy growing up. That said... I finally got around to putting up just two measly shelves in my bedroom this weekend, but MAN was it a challenge. With a level, pencil marks, a fancy drill, and three extra holes in the wall later...

Just like my T.V. stand/sideboard/credenza situation, deciding and putting up these shelves was a process. I originally wanted to go with a very minimal and simple kind of shelf; I had finally found the String series from The Finnish Design Shop

  Image via Sees by Sanni

Image via Sees by Sanni

I absolutely love the Scandinavian design aesthetic, but sadly these beauties were a bit out of my price range. 

I've said this before, but I try to stray away from IKEA whenever possible. Fact is, I'm just not at the point yet where I can dish our ~250$ on shelves and IKEA has some pretty great budget-friendly options. I still ended up going with white and minimal, but added the warmth of natural wood.

Though they may be a tad crooked, I think they turned out swell :).

Alexandra x