I'm coming up on my 6 month anniversary of living and breathing all things Seattle... It's so crazy how quickly time has past; it truly flies by when you're havin' fun exploring and adventuring -- especially in a new city. I've discovered another little gem in this Seattle and it's called Homestead.

Homestead is a perfectly curated shop for all things home (heavy on the mid-century). Aside from Michele and Ryan's shop on Capitol Hill, they have also put together a stunningly beautiful AirBnb located in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, for all to book and lay their eyes on (though booked a couple months out). I love how it's like a living showroom for their actual shop. I can imagine being Michele, finding loved pieces for my shop and deciding to move and play around with them in an actual occupied space. It's also such a great opportunity to get creative and play over and over again for all the new visitors to come. 

  All images via AirBnb

All images via AirBnb

It's not exactly my style or aesthetic as a whole, but I love the idea entire idea of having such a welcoming creative space to explore all the things!

Alexandra x