TV Stand + Photo Wall

I am SO excited to finally have finished up my photo wall above the TV/TV stand. I haven't had a television during my ~3yrs living in NY -- as I mentioned in my initial TV Stand dilemma post. It took me forever to figure out which photos I wanted to put in each frame, where/how I wanted to get them printed, and then where I could fit the cost of printing into my "budget" (sadly, I don't really have one of those).

The entire idea of adding a photo wall above the TV wasn't what I initially thought I'd go with. Since I only rent an apartment (and an old one that's built with plaster walls)... Mounting the TV to the wall didn't seem like the best idea. That said, I knew I'd have a blank space directly above that needed some love (or did it?). I did some poking around to find some inspiration on how others handled a good looking photo wall...

  Photo via  S    tylizimo

Photo via Stylizimo

I knew I needed a good ratio of large frame/photos to small, that they should blend in with my stag that I found from Lucca here in Seattle. This meant hierarchy and balance.

I took an in-process image I saw on a Homepolish email and bought some kraft paper and paint tape to mock up the sizes of the frames on the wall.

I'll say after many months and hard work... I'm pretty thrilled with the photo wall and my photos I had printed from Artifact Uprising (love them).

Ta-da! I also want to note, that all photos are my own, except for that stunning horse on the left. It was taken by my incredibly talented and dear friend, Macy. She was one of the very first people I met when I moved to New York and has made such a positive impact on my life. I was looking through her portfolio of work (which she does as a side hobby), and stumbled across it. It originally came in color, but she was gracious enough to turn it into b&w for me. 

Alexandra x