All About the Kitchen

I'm currently on my way to Michigan for a friend's wedding and for whatever reason, I decided it's the perfect time to write about my obsession with kitchens... 

I love kitchens. I don't know what it is about them! I've never been much of a cook (until recently, thanks to Sunbasket - so good), my mother was never a vibrant meal-cooking experimenter... But it always in the one spot everyone seems to gather in and to. I find this pretty interesting as back in the day, this was so not the case. Think of Downton Abbey for example! Cooks, maids, and butlers were the only one's in the kitchen. Proper gathering areas were always in a "sitting room." I know we, a society, have become much more casual, but it's just interesting. I'm also curious if this kind of Old English way was the same in other countries.

Kitchen's are works of art. Since they are a place to share stories and delicious meals, it only makes sense to make them comfortable, smart (by design), and show one's personal taste and personality. I haven't yet discovered the perfect kitchen to fit my personality (my taste is always changing), but I did find this perfectly simple, minimal, and character based kitchen from Modern Camper. 

  All images via Modern Camper

All images via Modern Camper

I'm so in love with the crisp whites and naturals, the texture on the wall... Which I would love to find out if it's from old age/light damage or purposeful paint, and the fact that it isn't cluttered or predictable.

I only hope to be able to create a space like this for myself one day!

Alexandra x