A Getaway in Palm Springs

So, by the looks of my Instagram, @alexandradiane_, you'll notice the weather here in Seattle has been less than sunny. To be quite honest, I'm really not a fan of the heat or the beach or the vibe of warm places. Super strange right? I've always been drawn to dreary skies and rain... Hence the move to Seattle (though London has been on my home wish-list since I was born). Regardless of my love for rain, Seattle has just been constant rain and cold since I moved here in November. I started feeling something I never have in the past... The need to get away to somewhere warm, cool, and outdoorsy; Palm Springs, California! For the past year I've see this city pop-up across so many blogs I follow, but they were always super swanky posts with swan floaties in an extravagant pool with even better views. Now, mind you, I'm a pretty proud, independent woman. I love to go hiking around Seattle on my own, go to the movies, and even grab a good solo dinner. Don't get me wrong, I would love to attend these beautiful and productive events and conferences in Palm Springs with super talented humans... But I'm thinking Wild, I'm thinking Eat, Pray, Love. I have been craving a getaway for myself, somewhere unlike anything I've ever seen or experienced. The desert and surroundings of Palm Springs sound like the perfect place. I started searching around AirBnb in hopes to find something out-of-the ordinary, un-predictable, and without swan floaties. 

I discovered this gem...

  All images via AirBnb

All images via AirBnb

I've always wanted an Airstream or at least be able to stay in one!? It looks so true to its age, it's near the mountains, it has an external tub (!?), and just looks like the best way to get some air and some me time.

Luckily for me, Alaska Airlines has some pretty stellar flight deals to Palm Springs... 

Alexandra x