French Charm

A and I moved into our new house roughly three months ago (!). We've done so many projects already ... As I'm not one to just sit tight and wait for things to happen! I blame my three years in New York City for the exhausting hustle (which I secretly love). We've painted floors, many walls, cut sheetrock, put new sheetrock in holes in the walls, replaced light fixtures ... The list goes on. I apologize for not posting anything here! It's been more exhausting than I anticipated, as we've done all the work ourselves, aside from re-finishing and ripping out the carpet in the bottom two guest rooms and upstairs master.

Phew! I'm excited to actually start getting into the look of the house, which means art! Furniture! Pretty things! But ... I've run into some internal issue's (kinda). I knew style and likes and opinions and tastes change, but I didn't think my taste and love for things would change so quickly in just the two years I've lived in Seattle. I used to love all things new and white and crisp and Scandinavian and in all honesty, pretty sterile designs that lacked character and comfort. 

Now that we've moved into our cape cod that has a massive front and backyard with three garden beds ready to be loved ... It has a more relaxed, country feel to it; a feeling our last rental house and apartment just didn't have. Each place is totally different, but I love this one the most (Thank goodness right? We just spent all our life savings on it.)

Here's where I'm at with inspiration as of late.

  Image from  Grey and Scout  via Arch Zine

Image from Grey and Scout via Arch Zine

  Image by Tracey Ayton via  Keltainentalo Rannalla

Image by Tracey Ayton via Keltainentalo Rannalla

  Image via  Thou Swell

Image via Thou Swell

Wallpaper Envy

Apologies for the major delay here ... From going to Sweden for a design conference, to road-tripping along the west coast to see the Redwood forests and drink some Napa/Sonoma wine, it's been a packed summer.

I have however, had the time to see many gorgeous interior shots with stunning wallpaper. WALLPAPER? When I first started to see the large floral wallpaper trend from the end of 2015, I was a tad shocked. Why is wallpaper back in? This feels so 60s/70s lime green/Orangina yellow to me, no? I was a bit naive, as I didn't realize the great impact of having a great wall covered in beautiful (modern), wallpaper designs and art.

  Via Sarah Sherman Samuel

Via Sarah Sherman Samuel

  Via Wit&Delight

Via Wit&Delight

  Via Pinterest - Source Unknown

Via Pinterest - Source Unknown

Super inspiring, beautiful and incredibly compelling. So much so, that I decided to put together my own decor board using wallpaper I found on Anthropologie. They have so many great artistic, and illustrative wallpaper options. Knowing me, I decided to go with a neutral black cream/white rose pattern.

  Pendant -  Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co . Credenza -  BluDot . Wallpaper -  Anthropologie . Runner -  CB2 . Plant -  oh.sopretty .

Pendant - Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Credenza - BluDot. Wallpaper - Anthropologie. Runner - CB2. Plant - oh.sopretty.

So in love. Also something high on my list ... That Schoolhouse Luna Pendant. I haven't seen that bulb in a larger bulb and it looks so clean and classy.

Which lamp? (THAT is the question)

When I moved to Seattle, I had nothing but an iMac and clothes. I started completely fresh out west (and boy, it felt good!). Starting fresh means you have ZERO things. That was both liberating and exciting for me, and not because I was being a cool minimalist millennial, but because I had a completely fresh canvas to work with. I could literally do whatever I darn well pleased in my 650 sq. foot, 1920's apartment. What wasn't ringing loud and clear was $$.

I worked it out, and made sure to limit my "expensive taste" (thanks, Grandma!). This means I settled for a lamp that I kinda/sorta liked. Behold:

  A clean shot of it in my apartment.

A clean shot of it in my apartment.

The full brass legs and textured cream shade just doesn't feel right anymore. I've decided it's time to step-up my lamp game and take advantage of Wayfair's lighting sale. Options under consideration...

1. 61.25" | 2. Susan | 3. Karmella | 4. Hoskin | 5. Buckland | 6. Armaz Apollo

Stay tuned for the final product :).

x Alexandra