Photo taken by the talented Lora Grady Photography.

Photo taken by the talented Lora Grady Photography.

I'm Alexandra Diane, and this is
a photo of myself and soon-to-be-husband, Andrew.
I'm thrilled you made it here!

I'm a native nomad. I started out as a young traveler by way of my father's Air Force wings (a.k.a. shoulders). I landed in New York City a couple
years ago and left for a new adventure across the country in Seattle, WA. Currently, I spend my days designing at Zillow and by night, I work on my budding new business, alexandrastudios; a tiny multidisciplinary studio working on graphic design and interior decorating. To view our home projects and process, search for #littleseattlecapehouse on Instagram!

I'm inspired, motivated, and moved by getting lost in cities and small towns, discovering streets, textures, smells, and interacting with complete
strangers. I buy way too much black, white, and grey and eat a lot of breakfast. To be quite frank, I'm not a huge fan of color (designer, she says?), but it's truly all about moderation.

Interested in collaboration? I love that! Whether it's for a branding project, or updating your living room, I'm open and would be thrilled to hear form you. 


Upon request.