Photo taken by Danielle Motif

Photo taken by Danielle Motif

I'm a Seattle creative who is passionate about cultivating a sense of purpose, understanding, and belonging by using a keen eye, creative thinking, and problem solving in tandem with listening to others, establishing relationships and bringing people together. 

Currently, I spend my days designing at Zillow and by night, I work on my budding new business, alexandrastudios; a tiny multidisciplinary studio working on graphic design and interior decorating. To view our home projects and process, search for #littleseattlecapehouse on Instagram!

Interested in collaboration? Yay! Whether it's for a branding project, or updating your living room, I'm open and would be thrilled to hear form you. 


I'm Alexandra Diane, and this is me. I'm thrilled you made it here!



Upon request.